Just Released on DVD: One Day Miracles - A birdtricks.com revelation

"What If YOUR Bird Could Be Taught To
Love And Trust You… In Just One Day?"

Got a bird that doesn't like or trust you?

People with bird

A bird that won't listen?

What if you could change all that?

In just ONE DAY…

In the pilot season of this NEW Bird Training Reality Series, you'll watch as husband and wife team Dave and Jamie Womach of BirdTricks.com hit the road…

…To help 12 regular families who are struggling to overcome a variety of relationship challenges with their exotic birds.

Without a script… and cameras rolling from the moment they arrive… you'll see Dave and Jamie work 'live' in the moment with these families and their birds to stop problem behaviors like:

  • Biting
  • Attacking
  • Screaming
  • Hand Aggression
  • Doesn't Like To Be Pet
  • Cage Territorialism
  • A General Distrust Of People
  • Not Listening To Commands
  • 'Running' Away
  • Not Going Back To Cage
  • Running Up Your Arm
  • Refusing To Get Off Your Shoulder
  • Ignoring The Step Up Command
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Favoring One Person
  • Hating One Sex (i.e. All Men)
  • Refusing To Eat Healthy Foods
  • Won't Stay On Perch
  • And Much More!

…And you'll see them do it all in one miraculous day of training!

It's Everything The Books Haven't Told You About Winning The Love, Trust, and Respect Of Your Bird!

Just like a surgeon can't expect to go straight from book learning to performing heart surgery without spending years WATCHING other professional surgeons in action…

… And then practicing under the watchful eye of experienced mentors…

… Dave and Jamie know from first-hand experience:

You can't train birds using 'book theory' alone!

(And maybe you've already figured this out, too…)

Birds are highly intelligent, complex creatures that often have the learning capacity of toddlers!

In just a couple of seconds, their eye movements, body posture, feather positions, feet movements, beak position and MORE can communicate a dozen different messages to you…

Plus… Your bird learns – FAST!

So it's easy to 'teach' your bird lessons accidentally. Like to BITE YOU! Or SCREAM. Or to hate your hands. Or to always run from your arm to your shoulder. And more.

As well…

Your Bird Can't Be Trained Like A Dog!

Dog training television shows are on 24/7 these days…

… So now, more bird owners than ever before are trying to train their birds like dogs, using dominance, punishment, and 'pack theory' – with TERRIBLE results.

And so for these reasons and many more, Dave and Jamie were inspired to take their combined 20 years of bird training and handling experience on the road.

They hired a professional camera crew…

… And set out to capture RAW training footage that could be shared with bird owners around the world.

It's reality TV – BirdTricks.com style!

With 12 different families. And 12 different birds. One day at a time, one miracle at a time!

Meet MASTER Bird Trainers, The Womachs:

The Womachs with birds

The One Day Miracles series features husband and wife team, Dave and Jamie Womach, as well as Chet Womach – master bird trainers, with over 30 years bird training experience shared between them.

The Womachs are the founders of BirdTricks.com, the world's largest and most comprehensive bird training website, with over 120,000 loyal followers and fans.

As well, Dave & Jamie have performed their 'Thrillusionist' magic shows with their birds in over 20 countries – with Disney, Princess, Norwegian, and Holland America Cruise Lines, Ringling Bros., and now they're starring in their own self-produced show, ParrotFX™.

All three Womachs consider their flocks family: free flying their feathered 'kids' regularly… training and mentally stimulating their birds daily… feeding a natural diet… and socializing their birds. Their #1 priority is educating fellow bird owners like you to create healthy, loving relationships with your birds in a home environment that, as much as possible, mimics how your birds would live in the wild.

Rarely, the Womachs make themselves available for private consultations and seminars. However this private time is now valued at $5000-$6000 per day due to extraordinary demand, as well as their business and performance commitments.

One Day Miracles Is 'Must Watch' TV
For EVERY Bird Owner!

With 12 episodes packed onto 6 DVDs + 2 Bonus DVDs for a total of 8 DVDs…

… The One Day Miracles reality series is sure to become 'must watch' TV viewing for every bird owner, no matter whether you're new to the world of birds, or a passionate bird lover with decades of experience and a vast flock of your own.

Your Free Gifts

Bird training video footage like this simply does NOT exist anywhere else in North America!

(And quite possibly the world, though we can't confirm this as we speak only English and 'bird'! ;)

You'll See Exactly What The Professionals Do With Birds That Are Biting, Attacking, And Not Listening!

Watching the One Day Miracles series, you'll have the opportunity to see EXACTLY what professional bird trainers do to handle the same challenges you face, training your birds!


… Plus so much more.

You'll Get All 12 Of These Exciting Episodes
– On 6 DVDs!

Each family featured in One Day Miracles is unique… and each bird is unique… but you'll quickly begin to see these families all face common challenges with their birds.

Plus, you'll likely see YOUR BIRD's behavior issues, phobias, and confidence problems in many of the birds who star in these episodes.

So don't be surprised when you find yourself laughing along… cheering… and then tearing up a little as families are united through this day of training…

… And loving connections are finally made between these birds and their 'people' – after years, even decades, of living together without understanding one another!

You'll be inspired to train again. And you'll finally have the working knowledge to do it!

Because you'll have watched Dave and Jamie train these REAL birds – in live, unscripted situations.

Episode 1 — “Speaking The Same Language”

As often happens, Pedro and Erin were willed their first bird, 'Poncho', from an Uncle who passed away. While they've had some success developing a relationship with Poncho using our Taming, Training & Tricks strategies, they're feeling stuck.

Poncho is still fearful and needy, he yells for attention, and he demands to be let out of his cage. As well, he won't sit calmly on their arms and he can be aggressive at times, biting and nipping.

So in this first episode, you'll watch as Dave teaches Pedro and Erin to speak 'bird' – correctly reading this Amazon's body language, respecting his boundaries, establishing what motivates him, and creating a common language that everyone can use to communicate.

Episode 2 — “The Lifestyle Makeover”

Laura's feelings are hurt. Despite her obvious devotion to her Green Wing Macaw, 'Keno', he is just not returning her affection. The bird won't come to her, won't step up, and frequently lunges and bites. She doesn't know what to do.

When Dave and Jamie arrive on scene, they're expecting to help Laura start bonding and training with Keno. But they quickly realize, before training can begin, Keno needs a complete lifestyle makeover. Because until you've met these basic, fundamental requirements – you can't go further.

Watch and learn as Dave and Jamie gently but firmly give Laura a lesson in proper bird care. It's a Macaw Lifestyle Makeover – BirdTricks style!

Episode 3 — “Permission To Say No”

Meet Liam, an inspirational 11-year-old boy who is acting as the primary caregiver for the family's Alexandrian Parrot 'Rasta.' While Rasta has been the family bird for the last 15 years, they still can't handle him without wrapping their hands in a towel.

Rasta screams… bites… and is very territorial about his cage. Yet everyone can see that Rasta wants attention. So in this episode, you'll watch as Dave coaches this bright, eager boy and his bird to use permission-based touch training to bridge the communication gap.

It's a real world demonstration of how giving your bird permission to say 'No' can actually help to strengthen your relationship and get the behaviors you want more consistently.

Episode 4 — “Raising Your Baby Right”

Father and son, Ryan and Bradley, are the primary care givers for 'Riley' – a fast-growing, 23-week-old Blue & Gold Macaw. And while these excited new bird owners did a LOT of homework before purchasing their newest family member, problems are now starting to crop up.

Riley is beginning to show signs of aggression, nipping and biting. Plus, she's demonstrating the early warning signs of becoming a one-person bird.

So in this episode, you'll watch as Dave helps to gently steer this enthusiastic family onto the right path, nipping these problems in the bud early while Riley is still young – before they snowball into BIGGER, more complex behavior issues and habits that are more difficult to correct!

Episode 5 — “Training The Picky Eater”

Jennifer and Greg are quick to point out – 'Tiki', their Severe Macaw, is a very picky eater. As well, he's showing a lot of aggressive behavior, not only towards Greg and their children, but towards his favorite person, Jennifer, who he often punishes with painful nips and bites.

Jamie and Dave have recommended that this eager family implement a training diet for 24 hours before they arrive on scene to film this episode. But the family is VERY worried this new feeding program will 'starve' their poor bird, so they're making a lot excuses…

Enter tough talking Jamie! Watch and learn as she helps this family make the connection between too much food, the wrong kinds of food, and poor behavior. And listen as she explains how the training diet should NEVER involve 'starving' your birds!

Episode 6 — “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

Bubbly and full of life, Kathy has clearly poured her heart and soul into caring for her three-year-old Sun Conure, 'Bella'. The problem is, Bella is afraid of hands, frequently bites when asked to step up, and SCREAMS for attention.

Kathy feels hurt by Bella's ongoing rejection, and wants to create a bond of trust with her bird that includes cuddles, safe handling, and a little trick training.

But before Kathy can move forward, she'll need a little of Dave and Jamie's tough love – with an honest look at how she, Kathy, is actually the REAL problem. Watch as Dave and Jamie play Good Cop, Bad Cop… and Kathy has light bulb moment that changes EVERYTHING!

Episode 7 — “The Big Fail”

Cherie is the proud owner of a lovely Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, 'Rascal'. Rascal has just turned two years old and is a bright, social bird who is clearly eager to learn. But he's starting to develop a few bad habits and Cherie complains she can't get past the starting line and persuade Rascal to successfully step up without getting bitten.

Cherie would like to be able to walk around with Rascal on her hand, without fear of him biting her hand, grabbing her jewelry, or shredding her clothes. But is she really willing to invest the time and energy…? Watch Dave's heart break as Cherie insists on doing things 'her way'.

And ask yourself – are YOU willing to do the work?

Episode 8 — “The Body Language Of Fear”

Chris and Bruce have a family of three birds – a Goffin Cockatoo, a Cockatiel, and the star of this episode, 'Bishop' their rescued African Grey. As long-time fans of BirdTricks.com, Chris and Bruce have done a lot of things right with their birds. But as a rescue, Bishop has come to them with a series of pre-existing fears and phobias that they have been struggling to overcome.

So in this episode, you'll watch as Dave coaches the guys through identifying and understanding the body language of fear in Bishop while clicker training, practicing the Stable Step-up, and then overcoming one of Bishops BIGGEST phobias!

Episode 9 — “Come, Fly To Me!”

With an aviary under construction in her backyard, Michele is eager to fine tune the training of her fully flighted African Grey 'Gandolf' so that she’s no longer begging him to ‘fly to me’ on command.

Michele and Gandolf have already developed a strong training bond and have a solid repertoire of tricks up their sleeves. But Michele frequently finds herself negotiating with Gandolf, sweet talking him off the hanging light in her kitchen and waiting until this cheeky Grey is ready to perform commands on his terms.

Who has trained who here?

Watch as Dave helps Michele tweak and refine her use the clicker, touch stick, and treats to create clearer, more precise communication with Gandolf and a reward system that he’s highly motivated to work for!

Episode 10 — “But He'll Starve, Poor Baby!”

Five months ago, Terry adopted 'Sam', a rescued African Grey whose wing had been amputated after being attacked by a raccoon. With very little information about Sam's life prior to adoption, Terry and her son Chris find themselves receiving frequent bites from this cautious bird who clearly has some trust issues.

Unfortunately, after driving for more than four hours to meet with Terry, our crew find themselves faced with a bird who is FULL, disinterested in training, and owners who are highly reluctant to implement the training diet necessary to start making positive changes in this bird's life.

So in this episode, you'll watch as Dave and Jamie discuss the Training Diet at length with Terry – and respond to the most common objection: "Won't my baby STARVE?"

Episode 11 — “Curing The Fearful Bird”

As a professional trainer at an animal park, Sarah is miles ahead of the average bird owner. She has already done some clicker training with her rescued African Grey, 'Kiki', and taught her a few tricks.

The challenge is, 'Kiki' came to Sarah's home with some pre-existing phobias that have resulted in Sarah getting some nasty, aggressive bites that have drawn blood.

Kiki won't step up reliably, dislikes men, is territorial around her cage, and fears many objects around the home -- including her training perch!

So in this episode, you'll watch as Dave works to establish clearer lines of communication between this nervous bird and her dedicated owner, with a series of desensitization training strategies that can help ANY bird overcome Hand Hatred and Object Phobias… in as little as 5 minutes!

Episode 12 — “Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You”

There's no question, Karen and John love their birds like their children. But John, in particular, is having a tough time with their 13-year-old Orange-Winged Amazon 'Merlin', who has gradually become more and more aggressive with him, lunging and biting at his hands.

If you've ever forced your birds to 'step up' or you use gloves (or towels) to handle your birds, you'll want to pay close attention to this episode.

Because Dave's going to show Karen and John how, by forcing submission, they've blown the trust threshold with Merlin and created 'Hand Hatred.'

And, more important, Dave will show them how to reverse the damage and regain Merlin's trust… until he's stepping up happily, eager to train, and just generally relaxed and feeling social in their company.

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Have you tried his favorite treats… the clicker… toys… squeaky voices … standing on your head… but nothing seems to work?

If you have a bird that is difficult to get interested in training, then this BONUS DVD is for you.

Because the Womach brothers, Dave and Chet, will be giving you a live demonstration of how you can motivate ANY bird to train… live, behind the scenes at their new ParrotFX show in Idaho.

You can't train a bird that isn't a willing participant. So this DVD will provide an excellent starting point for any bird owner who finds themselves saying… 'My bird just isn't motivated to train!'

Bonus Gift #2

"Damage Control & Trouble Shooting" – DVD

Our gift to you – this DVD is an additional $19.95 value, yours FREE!

Everybody makes mistakes training their birds… even the Womachs! ;-)

So during this 45-minute BONUS EPISODE of One Day Miracles, you'll want to grab a coffee and settle into your favorite chair to listen as Dave and Jamie share vital tips for recovering from BIG bird training mistakes, including:

  • Whoops – you've accidentally training your bird to BITE YOU!
  • Whoops – your bird won't come out of its cage!
  • Whoops – you need a towel or gloves to 'catch' your bird!
  • Whoops – your bird won't come near you!
  • Whoops – your bird hates one (or more) of your family members!
  • Whoops – your bird is RANDOMLY biting you!
  • Whoops – your bird used to be friendly, but now he HATES you!

… Plus much, much more!

You'll breathe a sigh of relief to learn that these mistakes and challenges are VERY COMMON!

And you can reverse these bad behaviors so that your bird listens, trust, and LOVES you – once you know exactly what to do!

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Watch Over $60,000 Worth of Private
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A single day of training with Dave and Jamie Womach is valued at over $5000 per day (taking into account their travel expenses, the time spent away from their ParrotFX show, and the actual private training and one-on-one consulting you'd receive).

So it's no exaggeration to say that when you're watching One Day Miracles, you're a fly on the wall to over $60,000 worth of private bird training consultations!

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Dave Womach, Jamie Womach, and Chet Womach