They're Coming For You...
Are YOU Ready?

Spring hormones. Oh the horror.

It happens every year as the days start to get longer, and your birds are exposed to more sun.

Your bird's hormones kick into high gear as their bodies prepare for 'breeding season.'

And suddenly, your sweet loving angel turns into an out-of-control, unpredictable little BIRD BEAST! (Or, at least, he isn't as friendly and easy going as he was over the winter months...)

He's nippy. He lunges at you. He doesn't want to step up. He starts defending his cage. He becomes territorial. He has little (or BIG) hissy fits. He screams (and screams... and screams). He becomes possessive of toys... food bowls... maybe even YOU!

He’s just plain irritable! The days of cuddles and quiet time seem to be over.

And worse, he doesn't seem to love you any more...

Which may leave you wondering...

Are You Going To Be Terrorized
EVERY Spring By Your Birds?

Well, the answer *should* be... NO!

You shouldn't need to keep living like this, but you definitely can't expect 'love' and 'patience' to be enough to overcome problems you may be experiencing with your birds during the spring.

We've been working with bird owners since 2005, and it's been our experience that the solutions that typically seem logical to you are, in fact, making the hormone problems WORSE for your poor birds.

What you need is a crash course in dealing with spring hormones.

So here's what we've done:

We've Made A Movie To Help You REVERSE
The 'Jekyll & Hyde' Effect Of:

Spring Hormones!

Every spring here at, we receive hundreds of messages from bird owners who feel like they're living in a horror movie with their birds...

...or, at least, an avian remake of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

So we decided it was time we did something more substantial to help you.

In early March, Dave and Jamie hit the road and drove their entire flock out to the West Coast, and we got together at my home to film a 55-minute educational short film that we're jokingly calling "Spring Horror-mones". Although, the working title is actually:

7 Secrets To Handling Your Bird's Spring Hormones

In this movie presentation, with the help of our feathered stars: Bondi, Cressi, Tiko, Jinx, and Comet...

...we want to walk you step-by-step through the SEVEN strategies we’ve discovered, tested and proven during our career as professional bird trainers...

You'll learn how to safely minimize the effects that hormones have on your bird’s personality during the spring!

That’s right! We’re going to cover topics that will include:

... Plus tons more!

Dave, Jamie and I have literally taken all of the most important techniques and strategies that we’ve been using to control our birds’ spring hormones for YEARS…

… And we’ve packed them into this action-filled 55-minute educational movie!

Watch It On Your Home Computer,
You Choose The Show Time!

Leave it to the Womach Brothers to decide to put together this movie at the last minute! ;-)

So here's the deal...

We haven't had time to put this movie on DVD yet, and I'm not sure we're going to until Winter 2012/13 for various reasons you'll probably guess if you follow our Facebook page. (We're insanely busy right now, preparing another television production.)

Anyway, when we release 'Spring Horror-mones' as a DVD, it will be priced at $49.95 .

However, as a special 'online premiere', for a limited time only until we've decided to make the Internet-viewing of this movie available to you for the special discounted price of just $29.95...

A generous 60% DISCOUNT OFF
our planned DVD launch price!

We think you'll agree, this investment is more than fair when you consider that Dave and Jamie had to drive clear across the United States to make the movie here with me. In addition to that, please consider the DECADES of pain and frustration this information is going to save you with your birds!

And of course, like any Womach Brothers training program, ‘Spring Horror-mones’ comes with our usual 100% money back guarantee, which gives you 30 days to watch the movie, try the tips, and evaluate the results with your bird.

If you’re not satisfied, simply send us an email saying, ‘Not for me!’ and we’ll issue you a prompt and full refund of your monies paid.

It’s that simple!

Start Watching In The Next 2 Minutes!

So why don’t you save yourself some frustration this spring. And watch ‘Spring Horror-mones’ now!

It’s not only the ONLY educational video that deals with Spring Hormones that we’ve been able to find to date (and we had to make it) …

... It’s also pretty darn funny.

You’ll see Jamie’s movie debut! (She rocks it!) And you’ll get to meet many of our most famous BirdTricks characters – Bondi, Cressi, Tiko, Jinx, & Comet.

But more important, once you understand what’s driving your bird’s hormonal behaviors and you have some practical coping strategies, you will be happier… your bird will be happier…

… And your house will finally be peaceful again.

(Or, at least as peaceful as it gets when you’re a bird fanatic! ;-)

So purchase your ticket to begin watching ‘Spring Horror-mones’ now…

Purchase Your Ticket To Begin Watching
Spring Horror-mones Now!

You can also order by phone. Just call 1-877-314-7066
(toll free, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific Time Zone).

To your success with a more loving, less hormonal bird!

Chet Womach, Author
Bird Training And Taming Tricks