Storm Likes His First Male Figure

Storm Likes His First Male Figure

 April 2nd, 2009
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For those of you who came to the seminar we held in Orlando, Florida back in January… you all remember Mr. “X”? Well, Glen (aka Mr. X) came by our house on day 9 and was eager to check out our aviaries in the back yard. On the way out?I asked him to check out our new Amazon, Storm, and pop in to say hello.?


Dave prepped him with saying, “He’s a one person bird who hates men… especially me right now.”


When Glen walked in, he went straight to the side of Storm’s cage and I started hearing singing…


Now, I remembered Anna telling me singing was a great way to an Amazon parrot’s heart as they love it. I walked in to find Glen singing with Storm! And Storm was LOVING IT! It was really too funny, but it soon ended as I entered with my video camera because Storm became more interested in me.



However, Storm really liked Glen and had no problem with him at all. If we had longer with Glen, we may have tried further training with me out of the room but the time was not available right then. However, I thought it was a huge success for Storm to accept a male figure.

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