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Food-Finding Parrot Toy Examples

 February 12th, 2009
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The parrot toys you see below are examples of how you can use the natural parrot toys that we provide to our clients as Food Finding Toys or foraging toys.

Here’s what I want you to notice in the pictures below:

1) Look how I’ve wedged pellets into the first two toys shown; be prepared to squint as they’re kind of hidden.

2) The third toy I’m showing is an example of what the second toy looks like after my African Grey Parrot has tried to tear the food out of it… while it was new.

And the great thing about these toys, is that the more destroyed they are, the MORE hiding places you can find to hide food (pellets)… and if you look closely, you will see that I’ve been able to hide the food even deeper and more cleverly in the torn up toy.

It’s this process of encouraging your parrot to scavenge through the toy, digging at it and pulling it apart to get the food it can see out of it, that really gets your bird actively using his brain and using his body in creative ways to get at the task, too!

Continuing to stuff pellets into chewed up folds of toy











To purchase the toys I am showing here, and others like them please visit our parrot toy page.

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74 Comments on “Food-Finding Parrot Toy Examples”

JoDee King  06/13/2010 11:47 pm

I do agree a bored bird will misbehave and these types of toys that make them work for treats are a great way to keep them busy!

maggie alvarado  06/23/2010 7:02 pm

I have a quaker parrot and try and find something that he likes as treats. Everyday I give him pineapple or papaya, oranges, apples, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, eggs, rice mango etc. I have tried everything and nothing seems to interest him. I have also offered pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, cereal etc. What do they like as treats. He likes sunflower seeds but they are not supposed to be good for them in large quantities. Help please..I want him to be happy.

Jenni  07/26/2010 4:24 am

What I did was I blew up a small balloon, then made a paste of flour and water. I took some strips of newspaper and made a papier-mache potato-looking object. After the mess dried, I removed the balloon and added pellets to the middle, sealed it back up, and gave it to my conure. She loved it! She had so much fun shredding up the toy and getting to the prize in the middle!

Peua Constipson Diheera  08/11/2010 4:13 am

This is awesome, new stuff !!

Alex B  09/01/2010 3:46 am



Many thanks


Rose Hindman  09/27/2010 6:39 pm

I too am in Australia and haven’t found the pellets you speak of. Will be visiting the US in near future and will be in CDA area so am anxious to visit your shop. I have an Indian ringneck that is about 5 months old. I have been using some of your techniques on training it. I have raised it from the nest so is very tame and difinetly my bird but is also quite happy to let others hold it.
I am worried about leaving it when i come to the states.It being so attached i am afraid of her pining away while i am gone. Is ther esomething i can do to get it ready for my absence?

beyonce  10/05/2010 6:27 pm

yes i have a parrot and i took ur advice and it worked he is not bitting me alot any more he is be playful and very kind thankyou so very much!!

Diana  11/22/2010 12:44 am

Thanks you Aussie Bird Lovers. Now I know where to look for the Pelletized products. I live in the Sutherland Shire so there is no problem in driving to Kellyville and having a brouse around to by for my birds.

Dawne Finch  12/05/2010 6:17 pm

Love you DVD training program – it is as much for me as it is for Oscar (my African Gray)
and I would love to participate in your monthly toy program, but 45.00 a month is a bit rich for my pocketbook. I do understand that you are offering organic and natural, but far too much money.

Ali  12/22/2010 11:42 pm

Hey Chet, can you give me tips to help my cockatiel and my parakeet eat other food besides seeds please?

FirstName  12/31/2010 9:37 pm

Hi Chet,
I have a young, healthy, 3 month old Cockatiel. Will, this “Treats-Stuffed-In-Toy” thing work on him? I was wondering because your experience was with an Affrican Grey Parrot, and Cockatiels are alot smaller than them. Plus, my Cockatiel does not eat ANYTHING other than seeds/pellets.
Thank you.

Joelle  01/11/2011 4:21 am

I have a Major Mitchell (1.5 yrs old) a Electicus Parrot (4 months) and a couple of cockatiels. My Major Mitchell will accept pats from me anytime, but he is fussy about my partner touching him. He was the one who tamed him down. He used to sit on his shoulder etc they spent alot of time together. One day about 6 months a ago they had a fight about bed time. I hurts my partners feelings that he turned to me as he was his bird and suggestions on making him friendlier towards my partner or other people. He is a good bird as he lets people know when he doesn’t wants pats moves away puts crest and only pretends to bite if they harrass him, which I’m fine with. I tried the food technique to get him to step up and it only worked once is there any other ways.

clair  01/12/2011 3:12 pm

i would like to no if i live in bournemouth in england,great britain would you still send the toys and whats there price in sterling?thanks clair

caroline  02/15/2011 7:03 am

hi i have a blue indian ring neck, he is only about 4 months old, he is quite happy to sit on my shoulder, but hates being picked up or touched, and everytime my children or husband go near the cage he tries to bite them, will all the teaching dvds help me, i really want him to be a family pet xxx

Kathi  03/19/2011 9:35 pm

Mahalo again for the foraging toy idea.. my conure hated his toys ALL of them.. he would run away hide in the other corner and scream until I removed the toy. I got them from you guys…. but never did put food/pellets.. etc. into them. Now I have cut them and stuffed them w/ pellets and some seeds.
My bird needed me to show him where to start.. by shaking the toy.. some pellets fell out… I then laid it on the table and let him spin it, peck it… investigate. Once he got a piece of food out.. the toys became HIS and his alone.. no removing or touching. He’s so involved and happy while tearing into these exact toys you show in this blog. Thanks again

Steve Lee  04/15/2011 2:42 pm

What a clever idea! Thanks! My Grey, Cap’n Jack will love this!

zahra  05/26/2011 1:40 am

thank you yes i need some toys like this for my african grey

Brian  06/20/2011 10:00 am

PLEASE don’t just grab your bird to pick him up! This is what happens to them just before being captured and killed by a predator! It is an instnct for them to fear being grabbed. There are many books and videos that can help you to teach yor bird to want to step up for you. It may take a little time and effort to help him to trust you – (does he have a favorite treat you can use to entice him?). But it is sooooo worth it!! Remember, a tame bird is a bird that trusts you! (Once you have his complete trust, he may even learn to let you grab him while playing or picking him up!).

Brandy  07/05/2011 7:32 am

I found my piñata on amazon my macaw loves it and he is very picky!!! Great foraging idea.

Maureen  07/09/2011 6:46 pm

My Umbrella cockatoo shreds toys to death, but is very loving to me. This toy would last maybe 2 mintutes with my bird

Diana  08/09/2011 2:11 am

Just do it and keep them happy! They don’t have a lot of luxuries any hows!

Carol Drury  03/11/2012 6:41 pm

For those in the UK – find another bird lover in the US and get them to purchase for you and send them on to you – offer to do something nice in return – I am sure you can think of something to do in exchange – people are generally nice and willing to help others out –
for the person whose bird wont let her touch check out the training video offered by Chet – grabbing will only insure your bird wil NEVER like you – Chets videos work – so far have taught my Grey to shake and wave and we are working on yes and no – takes patience but it is me that is slow not Josey!!!

Mosad Sayed Amer  06/26/2012 1:07 am

Hi chet
Thank you for every thing …..for all @ and advises …..etc . In fact I have a good luck with our Co Co …. is very intillgent ….have fast responding to meny things … by chance we locate his cage in corridor back to wall leeds to every part in our flat .. these makes him a center during our locomotions
and also has interesting by everyone .. he talks early …call every one by his name even my wife has areal name and MA..MA… we are very happey with our new members hn our small family..thank you again ……………………………………………………………GOOOOOD BAAAAY….. Mosad amer

sue hoopwr  02/14/2015 1:58 pm

I like to know if u come in to home in train macaw !?? I live in Cumberland city Tn n need help with a 9 year old that has lived a hard sad live n I got him trying every thing but still need help please tell me how much I love him but my doctor say I cant keep going to him with all the bites kiddo keep giving