Learning How to Forage

Learning How to Forage

 April 10th, 2009
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In the morning I walked in to say hello to Storm and saw one of his foraging toys (aka food finding toys) opened! I was so excited because it meant he did it all by himself and figured out how to forage for the first time… ever!


I decided since Storm was eating well at our house that I would take his food out of his cage for 24 hours and see if it would encourage him to use some of his foraging toys. Now, in the wild, there’s plenty of times where birds end up going 24 hours without food so I didn’t think it was a cruel thing to do and food went back in his cage after the 24 hours was up.


The cool thing about it, is he made his amazing progress. This will make Storm be more active, healthier and more mentally stimulated (less aggressive) when he goes back home with this new found talent of his!


He is learning to self-entertain which is a great thing to teach a bird to prevent boredom which leads to feather chewing, plucking and over-preening as well as biting and more aggressive behavior because the birds aren’t healthy if they aren’t active.


To find this toy and many others like it, check out Busy Beaks. They are my personal favorite for variety in toys where you can get a bunch of cool ones all in ONE place. I’ve loved every toy I’ve gotten from them and more importantly, so has my flock!


Tip to take home: Some great beginner food finding toys are clear ones where the bird can actually SEE what it is it’s working for. This creates a much better motivation that toys where you can’t see the good stuff inside. Sometimes you have to start with treat-foods and then eventually begin putting your parrot’s pellets in there once he gets used to the idea of working for his meals.

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