Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics

Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics

 August 4th, 2015
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This week Dave and I go over the very basics and beginnings of some indoor flight training basics and how to get started. Please remember we are trying to condense the information down for you, so this is not done in “real time” – in real time you would take much longer on each phase of improvement. Since our flock is already flight trained, we are able to show you in fast moving steps.

We took your guys’ advice and used a mic for this video – and because we were docking in Bermuda at the time of filming, we had some interference. Sorry for the hard to hear 6.5 minutes of the video, hopefully it doesn’t ruin it all for you (it didn’t happen through the whole thing!)

Yes, we do have a flight training DVD series! It is included in our Total Transformation Series and we show you step by step what to do, how to do it and why to do it and we show every step with our three macaws as they are learning for the very first time.

For those of you wanting to see what flight training using target training/touch training looks like;

Since this is our last Bird Tricks Tuesday video for a while, make sure you catch up on ALL the past BTT videos here. And don’t worry, we will still surprise you randomly with Tuesday videos, it just won’t be every Tuesday of the week.

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7 Comments on “Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics”

Carmen King  08/05/2015 1:18 pm

Thank you for keeping past training videos on line! Just finished probating my dad’s will so plan to watch all past videos! Best to you!

Doreen Umberger  08/05/2015 1:37 pm

I’m sorry to hear there won’t be weekly videos but I do understand how your life can get busy. I just have one question. When you do free flight in the house. For me would it be better to use target or touch training? I don’t have another person to work with me. To get my grey to descend would I use a high t stand and have him go to the floor? Any ideas are appreciated. I really want him to come back to me when I call him. Thank you so much for spending your time to give us these videos. I know I will be watching them over and over.

HELEN  08/05/2015 3:36 pm


Shirley Quillen  08/05/2015 8:19 pm

Sorry you aren’t going to continue doing this weekly, but understand. I’ve learned something from each videoand have a better, more enjoyable pet bird because of you, your training tapes, and your videos. Thanks so much.

Michael and Cookie  08/06/2015 9:15 am

There were a lot of things in this that are good to know, not that any of them really apply to us, I don’t think Cookie can fly, her wings were clipped 30 years ago and never grew back. Too bad the videos are ending but I understand. Thanks.

Peter  08/07/2015 7:32 am

I loved every second of it!

Please, let’s do the same with our human kids! This is essential training for school teachers!!!

Abeida Carrim  08/10/2015 12:04 am

Hi I’m having trouble with my ringneck she goes crazy if you go near her cage. Could I please get advice on handling this problem. When I talk 2 her at a distance she will watch me calmly