Living With More Than One Bird… More Like… 11!

Living With More Than One Bird… More Like… 11!

 July 2nd, 2009
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Harlequin Macaw

My name is Jeanne Harrington. I am 45 years old. I have owned and raised parrots since I was 20. I have also raised, bred and trained dogs since I was 18.

As for the dogs, I raised and bred Labs for 10 years and trained them for hunting and obedience. I currently own, breed, train and show three different types of terriers. I am working on training a dog for therapy/assistance. Currently I own a kennel of my own and I work for another. I have 15 dogs and I work with another 22 dogs. I also care for 4 live stock guardian dogs.

Now, for the birds. I currently own two blue front amazons, a blue & gold macaw and a parakeet. I live with a total of 11 birds all together. I feed and care for all the birds here.

The list of birds is one amazon that lives with my mother, a parakeet, mitred conure, yellowed collar mini macaw, male eclectus, yellow nape amazon. The macaws are blue & gold, blue throat, harlequin, greenwing and hyacinth.

The other bird is one you may have heard of here on bird tricks, his name is Storm. He is a blue front amazon that is 35 years old.

There is so much I could say about each bird, but, let’s save that for later.

Harlequin Macaw

I have worked in three different locations caring for and hand feeding birds. I have worked with problem birds and sick birds. Luckily most of the illness I have dealt with has been environmentally caused and I was able to correct it with time.

Living with all these birds and dogs is constantly entertaining and challenging. Most of the birds have and have had problems that have been worked on and some that need a lot of work yet to come.

Due to an illness I was disabled about 9 years ago. I have not worked a “regular” job since. My life has totally gone to the dogs and birds! When I got sick all of my animals suffered along with me. As does any person, my life is constantly adjusting to what is going on.

I was incapable of taking care of my animals for quite some time. My own birds suffered tremendously. The youngest of my own birds is a 12 year old blue front amazon named Petrie. Then there is Niko, he is my blue & gold macaw he is about 18, and then the old man Storm. All three have problems and all 3 are getting help, finally.

With the help of computers and friends I could never replace I am once again on a path of success, along with the inevitable set-backs with my birds and those I care for. I hope we all can learn from these new experiences. And I hope we have a great time doing it.

Thank you for listening and learning along with me.

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