Fresh Foods That You Don't Need To Buy Organically

Fresh Foods That You Don’t Need To Buy Organically

 July 22nd, 2010
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Blue throated macaw

I try to buy all of my fruits and veggies organically, but the produce here in Orlando is horrible.  I have never seen such a poor selection of withered and wilted food anywhere I have lived before.  I’ll be in the organic area of the supermarket and often walk over to purchase the regular produce just because it’s fresher, a little. I sometimes resort to the frozen food section out of necessity.

Even though they are inconveniently located for me, I had hopes that Whole Foods would save the day, but they also sell fresh foods that are just days away from being garbage.  I have had to get comfortable with buying regular produce, and try to deal with the fact that it’s obviously quite past its peak.

I found this government list recently that tells you which foods should definitely be bought organically and those which we can feel safe about purchasing non-organically and why.  Rather than repeat the information, I have just included this link.  Don’t forget to go to page 2 for the list of clean vegetables:  12 dirtiest vegetables. I was kind of surprised not to see green beans on the dirty list.

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9 Comments on “Fresh Foods That You Don’t Need To Buy Organically”

Vincent  07/23/2010 4:08 pm

Please note: altough avocado is a clean product, it is poisonous to your bird.

I know regular visitors have read this before on one of the many posts. this blog contains. Just to lower any risks I wanted to put this info a little closer.

I love this blog and I have never discovered any mistakes nor have i ever missed any info. It inspires me almost on a daily base!

Thanks to y’all!

Greetings from Holland.

Patty  07/23/2010 9:19 pm

Hi Vincent,
Thank you for making that VERY important point. Avocado is toxic to birds – clean or dirty! Thank you!

Emily  07/26/2010 10:59 pm

I have just switched over to feeding my parakeets a largely fresh fruit and veggie diet (from my garden)–they are loving it!

Just curious–along with avocado, another site said that any cabbage, and green beans were bad for parakeets. Is this true?

Thank you for all the fun ideas–it’s been really helpful to have some input from another flock.

Patty  07/27/2010 10:51 am

Hi Emily,
Great job getting the parakeets onto such a healthy diet!
I feed green beans and cabbage to all the birds, including the budgies, fairly regularly with no problems. I do buy the organic greens beans because they so easily absorb pecticides. Fungi can also be a problem, since you have your own garden keep an eye out for that. My birds love them, though, so I’m just careful in selecting them. Thoroughly washed cabbages are fine for all birds, except those who are breeders and heavy egg layers. During that season it’s good to avoid a lot of the leafy greens because they contain oxalic acids that prevent the absorption of calcium which is really important to a breeder or chronic egg layer.
So in a sense, the other site is right for warning you about cabbage and green beans, but it isn’t the vegetables themselves that are harmful.

Wendy  07/29/2010 12:48 pm

thnx for the reply patty. i have another question what fruits and veggies can i give my parrot to eat and do i need to give my parrot a calcuim supplement. thnx wendy

Wendy  07/29/2010 12:49 pm

thnx for the reply patty. Wendy

Patty  07/29/2010 8:39 pm

Hey Wendy,
There are a lot of foods that are high in calcium. One is eggs, but you will want to cook them thoroughly and without a lot of butters and oils etc. Hard-boiled is great. Scrambled is good too. You can google ‘vegetables high in calcium’ for a good listing. Why do you have your bird on a calcium supplement?

Abraham from weight loss solutions  08/10/2010 7:42 am

Yes. This is quite sad. You go to the supermarket to buy organic stuff. You think you are doing the right thing until you find out that the organic food is just a day away from OFFICIALLY being wrotten

Chad  08/24/2010 3:33 pm

Patty – I live in Orlando too and feel the same way. The only place I sometimes find good, fresh organic fruits is at Super Target in SoDo. It’s very hit or miss. Right now I cannot even find normal Pears ANYWHERE. If you find a good place, please share it. There is a new store that opened in Winter Park across from Winter Park Village, but it is HORRIBLE. The fruits and veggies were basically rotten within 2 days.