Everything You Want on the Interrupting Amazon Parrot "Storm"

Everything You Want on the Interrupting Amazon Parrot “Storm”

 December 14th, 2011
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Photo by Dave
Location: Waynesboro, VA
With me: The Famous Interrupting Amazon Parrot “Storm”

Everyone loves Storm the “interrupting” amazon parrot and I’ve found people have SO many questions about him. I wanted to compile everything of his in one blog so that whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here! Yay! It’s a whole lotta info on everyone’s favorite amazon! (No offense other amazon lovers out there…!)


First, some FAQ about Storm:


Is Storm my parrot?


No, he is not mine.


While Dave was coaching a freeflight student, he went up for a one on one training session to meet future trainers Sheri and Jeanne. He was coaching them through how to train Sheri’s harlequin macaw, Chex.


During the training visit, Dave met the rest of Sheri’s flock along with Jeanne’s flock. Jeanne had a very obese amazon parrot named Storm and Dave decided to surprise me by bringing him home with him to work on to help solve his severe obesity problem. It was Dave’s intent to work with him, but I got to him first! 😉


Does Storm only interrupt you or does he interrupt other people too?


He only interrupts me. Sometimes he gets on a talking streak and is so excited he just keeps talking, and sometimes I try to trick him about when I’m going to talk and then he just talks forever so he doesn’t get tricked (smarty pants…)


But if I’m standing among other people he will be quiet when they speak and loud when I speak, getting louder as I get louder.


Why does he only interrupt you?


It must be the love he has for me that separates me from the rest.


Or maybe he just thinks I have nothing worth hearing.


How long did you have Storm?


I had him for exactly 45 days and was originally only focused on his weight loss and conquering his obesity. I did this through change of diet and flight training which lead to intense flight training and eventually training him for outdoor freeflight. I actually surprised his owner by having him outside performing recalls when she showed up to Moab, Utah those 45 days later.


I can’t get enough of Storm, help! 


I plan on supplying ALL of Storm related videos, articles and pictures here for you Storm-lovers that just can’t get enough of my crazy feathery Storminator. Here is what I have complied and will continue to add to as I continue to visit my little green love.




  1. Video taken on my trip from FL to NY for TV (my travel diary being interrupted)
  2. Day 2 video with Storm.
  3. Storm regurgitating for me.
  4. Dave touch training Storm.
  5. Storm after a spray bath.
  6. Storm says “I’m having a heart”.
  7. Storm eats green beans!
  8. Amazon Storm in Moab.
  9. Womach home video (Storm in aviary).
  10. Sneaking up on Stormy in the motorhome.
  11. Day 2 with Storm.
  12. Hilarious singing with Storm the amazon parrot and Jamieleigh.
  13. Storm does all the talking… always.
  14. Storm tells Comet “no”.
  15. And Storm.
  16. Pets for Storm.
  17. Anything else? NO!
  18. Storm and Jamieleigh form a band.
  19. Storm the Bossinator.
  20. The boss bird.
  21. Freestyle Flyer’s Club.
  22. Back up travel diary video.
  23. Day 22 with Storm.
  24. Amazon parrot says “hi Storm” on cue.
  25. Day 6 Storm eats new foods.
  26. Day 16 (couldn’t use Storm because he interrupts)
  27. Day 9, 1st bath.
  28. Touch training amazon parrot.
  29. Day 34.
  30. Storm regurgitating.
  31. Storm flying inside and outside.
  32. Amazon parrot purring.
  33. Exploring Moab.
  34. Day 5.
  35. The most famous interrupting amazon parrot Storm video ever.
  36. All videos we have uploaded of Storm.



Blog posts:


  1. My July surprise visit to see Storm on my way to Coney Island, NY: https://jamiesparrothelp.wordpress.com/2009/07/12/storm-the-amazon-parrot-and-me/
  2. Day 2, 3 and 4 progress with Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-the-amazon-parrot-day-2-3-4-progress/
  3. Touch training Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-the-amazon-parrot-learns-touch-training/
  4. Baffled hormonal amazon behavior; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/parrot-behavior-have-you-baffled/
  5. Why it was all worth it; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/update-on-storm-the-amazon-parrot-from-his-owners/
  6. Storm’s story; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/another-parrot-saved/
  7. Flight training Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/amazon-parrot-flight-training-success/
  8. Storm starts flying; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/stormy-starts-flying/
  9. Storm moves outdoors; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-the-amazon-moves-outside/
  10. Storm plays with toys; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storms-latest-progress-chewing-up-wood-toys/
  11. Day 16 with Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/setting-your-parrot-up-for-success/
  12. Day 13 with Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/day-13-drama-with-storm/
  13. Storm gives me a problem… http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/ive-got-a-problem/
  14. Storm learns to forage; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/learning-how-to-forage/
  15. Storm bathes; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-takes-his-first-bath/
  16. Getting Storm to like his first male figure; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-likes-his-first-male-figure/
  17. Day 8: Storm’s diet; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/day-8-back-to-diet/
  18. Day 6 and 7 with Storm; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/day-6-diet-progress-day-7-taking-off/
  19. Storm steps up on Day 5; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/storm-steps-up-on-day-5/
  20. Storm’s new environment; http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/changing-your-birds-environment/
  21. Meet Storm! http://www.old1.birdtricks.com/blog/blue-fronted-amazon-parrot-meet-storm/
  22. Storm’s funny story; http://jamiesparrothelp.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/a-funny-amazon-parrot-story/
  23. Storm’s 45 days with me are over; http://jamiesparrothelp.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/storms-45-days-with-me-are-over/
  24. Fostering Storm, my first blog on Storm; http://jamiesparrothelp.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/fostering-a-blue-fronted-amazon-parrot/





1. Our flickr photostream with the search term “storm”.


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2 Comments on “Everything You Want on the Interrupting Amazon Parrot “Storm””

Ross Thompson  05/09/2014 3:27 am

Hi Jamieleigh,

I hope you’ll still see comments on this posting!

I’ve watched all of Storm’s videos and read through his story and updates from ’09 and ’11, and really hope that you’ll go visit him again – or convince his owners to bring him to visit you – he seemed so enormously happy to see you when you surprised him in his owner’s motor home, and always generally wanting to be with you, even if he didn’t try his hardest to fly sometimes (he’s an older fella!).

The freestyle Flying Webisode 7 video was great! And the starting a band one is hilarious! All of them highlight the bond he formed with you – the video Storm tells Comet NO! really made it clear that he’s jealous for your companionship 😀 And the dancing and singing videos with Storm on your hand trying match your tune and tempo are so much fun to watch!

I grew up with a cockatiel and have always been interested in bird intelligence – I remember reading about Irene Pepperberg and her African gray, she explained that type of parrot has the cognitive ability of a 4-5 year old, and i think Dave said the same thing in a video about Cressi! I remember really wanting an African gray when I was growing up.

Every now and then i still look for videos to see what kind of clever things birds are up to on youtube, and who would guess that I find the most amazing relationship between a blue fronted amazon and new friend! Until now I was only searching for videos about african grays / corvids because the literature says they’re the most intelligent.

And here’s Storm… more vocally engaged with a human than I’ve seen a bird act before! He seems to have a language all his own, and if I didn’t see Storm making those vocalizations on the video, I would swear it’s coming from a 2-3 year old toddler – I really think that makes him so unique and genuine, he’s really trying to express himself in his own way, rather than just “parroting” (excuse the pun) words that he picked up.

Why does he talk over you all the time?? I think he sees it as a conversation, and he really focuses on your general tone, and matches his tone with yours. Sometimes fantastic shouts of excitement, mixed with those “word type things” that humans babble on with 😛

But, the words he does know (and phrases), he uses correctly! In the video Storm bosses jamie around – he says “get over here!” twice after his half-hearted attempt to fly after you. He also clearly knows what “No” means, and somewhere in there, he says, “look at that” as one of your other birds suddenly flies off 🙂

I especially like his greeting you with “doing…!, doing… !” The tone matches yours when you greet him in trailor “doing? .. how are YOU doing?”… (storm) “…. doing … doing!” 🙂

Anyway, I can’t get over how much he sounds like a toddler (apart from his hilariously endearing shouts of happiness and optimism!) I think that really pulls on a lot of peoples heart strings.

Storm is a unique bird with quite a life story, and it seems like he’s made a great new friend – again, I hope you post a new visit with him at some point – I think it goes without saying that he’ll be so happy to see you! He’ll fluff up and fan his beatiful rainbow tail feathers for once again, and talk and talk and talk 🙂

And, if the time comes that Storm’s owners need to find a new home for him, and now that you’ve given hom a new lease on life and made him healthy and strong – I really hope you will be on the top of their list for his new home – it would be the perfect final chapter of his life, and I think one many would youtubers would like to see 🙂

(p.s. – in video “Blue Fronted Amazon Day 2 Storm”, he tells “I love you”! at 4.00 – maybe that’s when it all started!)