Does Your Bird Sound Just Like You?

Does Your Bird Sound Just Like You?

 March 24th, 2010
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Blue and Gold Macaws

I learned a long time ago never to look at Linus when I am on the phone.  Being a cockatoo, he believes the sun rises just for him.  He can’t understand why I would talk to an electronic gadget when I have perfectly good cockatoo standing by.  If I look at him, it’s an invitation to join in the conversation.
My daughter called the other day and was telling me about a jacket she had seen in a store window that cost $3500.  She was jokingly asking me if I thought she should take out a loan for it, just as I was passing the cage.  I looked up, and briefly locked eyes with Linus.  “Alright” he says.  Astonished, my daughter says: “WHAT??”  “What WHAT??”, I said.  “You think I should take out that loan?”  “NO!!”  Apparently, Linus sounds a bit like me.  It took a minute to clear up the confusion.
I have a friend with an african grey that like to sit in his cage and have long imaginary phone conversations, in her voice.  He begins by imitating the tones of the phone dialing and goes on the have the most boring phone chat: “Uh huh, uh huh.  Really?  Hmmm.  Okay.  Uh huh…”  It’s really embarassing for my friend who hopes she’s not really that dull.  I find it hilarious, and have suggested that she employ his services when telemarketers call.  Or her mother-in-law.


Dave and Jamie’s rose breasted cockatoo, Bandit, sounds exactly like Jamie.  Listen for it when they post videos.
I have some friends that own an amazon, who favors the husband, but speaks with the wife’s voice.  I was mentioning to them that I thought this was an interesting twist.  They are convinced that it is intentional.  While the husband might not respond to the bird beckoning him, he is unlikely to ignore his wife.
Ironically, I have started sounding like my parrots.  When I leave for work, I make a big production out of saying goodbye to each of my birds individually:  “Bye BYE, Theo.”  “Bye BYE, Tinky”, until I have addressed them all.  Ususally, the last thing I hear when I am walking out the door is a giant “Bye BYE” from Linus.  It’s really cute, but not so much when it slips out when I am leaving my co-workers for the day.  “Bye BYE, Jessica!”  It’s a bird owner thing.  I dropped a pen one day and a little girl picked it up and handed it to me.  I said: “Thank you!  What a good bird.”

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8 Comments on “Does Your Bird Sound Just Like You?”

Roberta  03/25/2010 2:29 pm

Noah, my Amazon, is my best friend. He has phone conversations with himself on a daily basis, from the ringing of the phone til the end with a click. I love him to death.

Laurie  03/26/2010 10:04 am

My Amazon, Sam, sounds just like me. My African Gray, Clarence, sounds like everyone and everything! Sam will imitate phone conversations that my husband has. I think it’s really funny. Both of them will say Hello when they hear our phones ring. Clarence even imitates the sound of our low battery sound from our cel phone. When he did it the first couple of times, I went to check my phone! The one that really gets me is when Clarence imitated my husbands annoying response to most everything that’s said to him…”hu?”.

Alice Lemke  03/26/2010 10:27 am

I believe that it’s the other way around – when you sound like your bird, he can imitate you. My cockatoo, Gimli, only started talking when I started making words sound like his voice. Chet does this when he talks to his birds – just watch the videos. Other species may be more versatile in their sounds than cockatoos and can pick up words easier.

Renee  03/27/2010 9:00 am

OMG!!! This is soooo true! I also have an African Grey , Jerry, (after Seinfeld!) he calls me “Smooch”! I also have 3 macaws who when they start to scream, he tries to calm them down by saying, in my voice by the way, “Corona, come on! Calm down. It’s ok. Come on, say hi, say hi, Corona”. And believe it or not, Corona starts to say hi back to him and she calms down! I also make sure I go thru the ritual of saying goodbye, goodmorning, and goodnight to each and every one of them. When I start getting dressed to leave, Jerry will say “Bye, see you later”. Love you. Bye”. He also has those phone conversations.Evidently, I laugh alot during those conversations, cause he does the same thing. “Oh hi! yea. oh, you’re right. I know” and then starts to laugh histerically!!! It’s too funny. And then, when he goes to the bathroom, he says “Ooooops, poopies, uh oh, sorry.”

They are the greatest. I have Jerry, then I have 2 B&G’s, Soopr and Corona, a Greenwing, Ruby, my favorite (but don’e tell them) is my Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Mr. Floyd. He is the sweetest, most loveable bird ever. He talks like Mickey Mouse.! Then I just rescued a little Rainbow Lori, her name is Buurdie, and she is soooooo nosey! Full of life, always giving kisses and saying hi.

I love you guys! I wish I could find someone around here that I could relate to. Everyone thinks I’m crazy!!!!!

Cindi  03/27/2010 2:58 pm

I had a yellow nape Amazon that often carried on my side of a phone conversation. Made me realize how little realy interesting content in my conversations.
My white fronted Amazon used to sound like the kids playing from another room.

Vickie  03/29/2010 1:04 pm

Patty wrote “I dropped a pen one day and a little girl picked it up and handed it to me. I said: “Thank you! What a good bird.”

I laughed when I read that and felt a little relieved. While petting the cat one day I told her she was a pretty bird. I even referred to my nephew as a good bird once. Family members have heard me do this a couple of times and get a good laugh out of it. It makes me wonder if I am slowly becoming the crazy bird lady. Now I know that I am in good company! *wink*

Kanya  04/08/2010 5:59 am

Hello everyone…

Its great to read all the post here.. and patty you are soo good with words.. 🙂

I have a blue fronted amazon and i call him chinna… he is the craziest bird i have known and i totally love him… he connected with me the first time i saw him at the bird store and i din’t think twice to bring him home.. ever since we both grew used to being around each other. nearly a year with each other.. and there is not a single dull day with him around..

he never bites as such.. but he does give me a peck at times.. but thatz only to get my attention.. however he doesn’t like visitors that much… the worst is when i start talking to my friends who visit he goes mad!! he makes all noises .. chats sooo fast that i can’t really follow wat he says.. and chats loudly and if my friends try to pet him he would step up on to their hands only to walks swiftly to their shoulders and give them a bite in the neck of in the ears and come back running to me…

this is not the worst… he laughs like me when he is done planting a bite… grrrrrrrrrrrrr my friends ask me if i train him to do that..

he loves to sing… and he loves my saxophone practise sessions.. the minute i have the saxophone in my hand .. i don’t even have to play it.. he wud start singing his own tunes.. 😀

Now my next bird is a sulphur crested cockatoo and i call him DJ… he is a dancing bouncing weird lil guy… he loves watching TV and loves to sit on my couch next to me when he watches TV.. he is like a dog.. he demands i keep scratching him and petting him while he watches TV if i stop.. he wud move closer to my hand and if i din’t pet him even after that he wud give me a quick peck.. but being a cockatoo even his pecks sometimes draws a tiny little drop of blood!! 🙂

i completely understand Renee and vickie… everyone thinks i am a weirdo or a crazy bird lady… infact one of my friend said… “lady u r going to grow into an old, lonely. weird bird lady”… i am sure she din’t mean it.. but who cares… my birds are worth it… i din’t have much of a life before i had them… but now i am a happy bird myself.. 🙂

Cheers to all bird lovers around the world

Laura  11/07/2013 10:17 pm

I dont even have to look at or invite my cockatiel to join in on the conversation. He gets excited when the phone rings and I have to leave the room because he wont stop singing or saying Hey Buddy or Prettyboy and the person on the end usually cant even hear me… smartphones pick up ambient sounds too well… My conure still isnt into the phone but hes young. Even in the other room though the cockatiel is still trying to get my attention… he also likes to yell into the phone… only my husband and I enjoy this however.