Day 8: Back to Diet

Day 8: Back to Diet

 April 1st, 2009
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Storm tried his 6th new food in the video above on his 8th day with us!


I had actually made the creamed corn for myself when I thought, “Didn’t I tell everyone on the blog I would introduce this type of food to him? I better get on that…”


So, I did! I warmed the creamed corn up for less than a minute, stirred it and made sure with my own tongue that it wasn’t too hot and just a luke-warm temperature. I spoon fed Storm through the cage and he LOVED the creamed corn. I made sure he saw me taking a bite before offering to him… I’ve noticed with my own birds they are more likely to try a new food if they see that I’m eating it.


Storm was such a fan of it that I poured the whole bowl of corn into his own dish in the cage and left him to it.


And – get this – he didn’t scream when I left the room! He was stuffing face in his dish when I walked out which was a first. He has still been screaming when I leave. I wonder how long this creamed corn will cure screaming… haha.

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