BTT: How to Discipline Your Pet Parrot

BTT: How to Discipline Your Pet Parrot

 May 19th, 2015
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Pretty sure my goal next week is that Dave is the screen capture picture…

Anyway! Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This week’s Tuesday video is on the topic of the best discipline to use for your parrot(s). We got asked a ton of stuff this week about how to get your bird to not destroy this, not do that, not be mean to this, not go over there, not get into that…

So we thought we’d conquer the area of discipline for parrots.

We were pretty much kicked out of the theater this week because of a new cast install but in the future we will be able to show you examples in training our birds live – and demonstrate more of what we mean with our methods. We had intended to do so this week and just couldn’t get the theater time before upload day!

Also, my phone broke so our behind the scenes clips were few and far between because we hadn’t realized till we tried to import the footage and it was dark and fuzzy! Boo. New iPhone for me soon! 😉

Congrats to Brenda Martin! Her question was actually emailed into us ( and was about how to safely and effectively socialize her bird with her dogs (her bird has attacked her dogs before and luckily they did nothing about it!) I couldn’t screen capture her email but I did screen capture her follow up comment on our blog – she’s the winner for being so engaged, and so aware of the danger yet ability to work through this issue with both animals. I really applaud how she had safety as her number one, but that she also wants everyone to live under the same roof confidently like many people can relate to. I thought her questions and concerns were valid and that that many people could relate to needing to work through something similar. Thanks, Brenda!

Please leave your comments below. Next week’s video is likely going to be on the topic of flight, flight training, free flight, and how to keep a flighted bird’s attention so it doesn’t fly off during training. Please post related questions to this in the comments so we can make sure to answer yours!

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57 Comments on “BTT: How to Discipline Your Pet Parrot”

Jamieleigh  05/24/2015 3:37 pm

Give them sandy/cement perches to train their nails naturally, they won’t even feel it happening. Some people even give them one to stand on in a travel carrier and take them on a drive. You can also give them lots of toys to play with to naturally trim their beak and give them a healthy diet to keep it from over growing; (for pellets, fresh food recipes and toys we use).

Jamieleigh  05/24/2015 3:37 pm

I think next week’s video will be on flight. 🙂

sue  05/28/2015 12:58 pm

God Bless !!!!!!! : )

Isaac  06/09/2015 5:07 pm

There are two schools of thought that I’m confused with: one is that you should assert to your bird that there are boundaries and limits on what is acceptable behavior and what is not, and that it doesn’t get to dictate the terms of your relationship all the time. This by definition requires making the bird do things it doesn’t want to do at times and not rewarding a bird for poor behavior (for the rescue birds I work with, if I get lunged at I avoid the bite but then put my hand right back or closer to the bird in an open palm position so it can’t get a hold of my hand and say “no” in a firm tone, trying to teach it that lunging does not get it what it wants.)

The other common practice I read about a lot is just simply never trying to get a bird to do anything it doesn’t want to do, ignoring or leaving the bird when it becomes aggressive, and completely ignoring bad behavior while only rewarding good behavior.

The first school of thought could reasonably teach a parrot to be resentful of the human since its body language and wishes aren’t being respected. The second could create a spoiled brat that has no respect for boundaries. It seems you’re advocating the free range parenting method, but many people say again and again (including Patty here, that especially with macaws you must establish firm and consistent boundaries to their behavior and reprimand when necessary. So, how DO you properly “set limits” on bird behavior if you can’t discipline them?

Jane Bowels  06/12/2015 4:36 pm

Thank you so much. I have a red lory but no one to help with questions. I found your website and blog today and am so excited to start training and bonding with Chiquita. You have opened a wonderful door for both of us! Again, thank you for doing what you do – and doint it so well.

Jamieleigh  06/23/2015 3:43 pm

Mel writes a lot on lorikeets for us if you are looking for more reads on them! You can click on her icon to read more of her posts or search our blog. 🙂

June Gibbs  10/05/2015 2:16 am

Hi Jamieleigh,
Thank’s so much for your very informative blogs,We have a Quaker parrot.He flew I one day with quite a few feathers missing.He hadn’t been handle much as we taught him how to step up,he no doubts had been with other people as he said Hello,Go away.He loved my daughter at first,now when she comes near his cage he comes with beak open wanting to bite her,she has never miss treated him on the contrary,she brings treats.The other day he was on his cage and she was talking to me.the next thing he flew over to get to her.( please help.) also he know how to talk but he only talks out side,He has once or twice said Hello in. side
Love Tuesday talks.Thank’s. So much Jamieleigh !!!