BirdTricks Tuesday: What is it we do? WATCH!

BirdTricks Tuesday: What is it we do? WATCH!

 June 16th, 2015
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This is probably our favorite video we’ve done – mostly because we’re just sharing “us” which comes easy. We also used our nicer camera, since many of you have asked us to up the quality of our videos from our camera phones.

This video, because of its higher quality and more need for editing, took us all day long… so these will likely be few and far between based on the time consumption alone! But we had a lot of fun this week, and actually filmed all the talking pieces today for you guys and the behind the scenes clips throughout the week.
If you guys still have questions about us, please leave them in a comment so we can answer them for you! And don’t forget to request a topic in the future.
The winning comment will win any product from our online store at BirdTricksStore.
If you are the winning comment, don’t forget to email us at to let us know which product you want mailed to you! (FYI – our pellets can only be shipped within the US but everything else can go international!)
Till next week!
Dave & Jamieleigh

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19 Comments on “BirdTricks Tuesday: What is it we do? WATCH!”

Rebecca R  06/17/2015 12:07 am

I love how you show how your daughter interacts with your parrots…and how to supervise the interaction! With our first child on the way, it gives me great insight on what to do! Thanks!!!

Jennie Silva  06/17/2015 12:23 am

Love all of you blog posts! ??

Name (required)  06/17/2015 9:43 am

This was absolutely wonderful! It was great getting to see Sydney having a great time at the end of it too. Never doubt that you have touch many peoples lives, you all are a blessing to many. I’m positive there are many, many birds out there that are much happier because of the two of you also.

Becky Monroe  06/17/2015 12:02 pm

I’m not sure if the comments on FB translate to this page, so apologies for repeating myself!!

Thanks for taking the time to shoot, edit and post these videos. I watch them every week (or binge watch when I miss a few!), and they’re informative AND motivating! We have 2 rescued/rehomed ‘fids’; an 10 yr old YN Amazon named Mojito, and Margarita, a Goffin’s cockatoo, who is a 12 year old plucker we’ve had for 2 years, who had a rough background (neglect, spray bottle punishment, caged with a larger bird). It’s been difficult to even START any training with the G2 because she never seems to be in the ‘mood’ to train, or even take treats (she’s not afraid of the clicker – seems like she just.doesn’ I think having that training focus will help keep her from plucking, help our bond, and help her to feel secure. I now understand from your previous posts that it’s normal for birds to do what they want, WHEN they want, and she sure fits that description, so my question is this – How can I make training more enticing to our bird(s)? I can’t do any training if she won’t come out of her cage, or accept treats. We’re afraid poor Margarita is just bored, but we don’t know how to cue happy/content/etc because we can’t seem to even get to Step 1!

Thanks for reading, and please keep doing what you’re doing!

Doreen Umberger  06/17/2015 4:53 pm

I think this is the best video you made. The reason why is because you let us know who you are. I could never handle a busy schedule like you have. Thank you for all you do and for helping others. I sent in an email this week. I hope you got to read it. Koda and I made a breakthrough this week. Patty replied to the email. I want to say thanks you to both of you and Chet and Patty. You all have helped me big time.

Matt  06/17/2015 4:59 pm

dave/jamie cave diving at 400ft is certainly no joke, but check out this video of the crystal caves in abaco, should give you some of the experience!

Kayla Lussier  06/17/2015 5:10 pm

It is so awesome to see how you can not only do the incredible things you do between your shows, bird training and traveling but also be the devoted, loving parents that you are. I love how you involve your daughter in all the things you do with your birds and show others how much passion goes into everything you do. It makes me more appreciative of having my birds and knowing that they are not very different then you and I. I really hope to see more training sessions with your birds as they are very helpful for someone like myself who may struggle with things like cage aggression. Thanks for all you do for the bird communities and I hope to one day have the honor of meeting you both!

Kay young  06/17/2015 6:42 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your lifestyle with us. I always enjoy watching you two and Sydney and your birds!!

Karen  06/17/2015 8:36 pm

Awe, I haven’t posted any comments yet, but I look so forward to BTT that I save it for my break time at bed time after the little ones and the birdies are in bed. I am a mother of 8 with 5 little ones still at home, so I know what a sacrifice it is for you to give up that break time at nap time for all of us and our birds. It is of great benefit to me and I am sure to many others. I am so inspired by you both, your talents, your love for birds and the very enriching life you are giving to your daughter. Thank you so much for all the sacrifice! I have had birds for 30 years now, and so love them. I have a B & G, a Greenwing, African Grey and Umbrella. Lots of issues I am working through with the challenge of raising birds and children at the same time. One question is with my Greenwing, (1 yr old) he is such a chewy bird, from the moment he steps out of his cage his mouth has to be all over my hands chewing. I say “gentle” and most the time he is, but what do you suggest to get him to stop. I continuously lift his head up off my hands…
Thanks so much to both of you
Most Sincerely

Jan  06/17/2015 10:13 pm

We love your videos! Every week, when working late, we stop what we’re doing & watch. Thank you for sharing information about working with birds. Also, enjoyed this one about your lives on the cruise ship.

Marie G  06/17/2015 10:59 pm

From Montreal Canada i love Watching you relate together as a couple , the info on your life And everything relating to birds is so interresting i have a Africangray who is 3 And what i know comes from you And all the vidéos i have watched. your daughter is so cute And she as the chance to have great parents!

Randall Miller  06/18/2015 12:53 am

Dave and Jamieleigh
Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day for shooting these videos really enjoy them I use to work on cruise ships so i know it can be hetic at times hopefully someday I will be able to
see one of your shows.Best video yet. keep them coming.

Take care.

LYN THAMS  06/18/2015 7:15 am

Please, don’t stop bird trick Tuesdays. highlight of my week

Mia R.  06/18/2015 10:34 am

Please keep up the hard work. Your teachings work and I am always encouraging/educating people about your programs. Both my daughter (6) & I work with birds, dogs, and horses… we can only hope to be as good as you two are someday.

Peter Newlands  06/18/2015 2:38 pm

Dear Dave and Jamieleigh,

Don’t despair, the insight you are providing into your lifestyle and how birds can be conditioned to cope, stress free, in a more unnatural environment for them than even a household perhaps offers, gives hope to all us enthusiastic parrot/bird owners. It cements the orthodoxy of your training methods to all observers. Like any job, it has its tedious, repetitive moments for the job holder but it is this very repetition that eventually ‘converts’ your BirdTricks students and helps to improve the bird/human relationship that would otherwise not happen if you didn’t exist! While birds are available to humans for pets you have a job for that duration!

Lorraine  06/19/2015 9:47 am

Just look forward to Tuesdays now, good work guys xx

Patricia Benson  06/19/2015 10:49 am

Thanks for your videos and advice…LOVE the way you interact with your birds…
Please continue your work…its so wonderful to see the way you love and esp. respect your birds…it will be great to see Capri join the show…she will be a natural…Thanks again…

Brenda Martin  06/19/2015 8:52 pm

You two are great! I wonder if your umbrella is why jamieleigh dislikes them so much 😉 your videos are amazing, motivating and educational. I love watching them and I don’t want you ever to be sad. We all appreciate you so much!!!!

Kelly pulis  06/23/2015 7:27 pm

Hey Dave and Jamie- I am also a bird trainer and mom so this weeks video was perfect. Right when I started following your blogs I saw you guys with ringling and now I always regret coming up and talking with you guys. Hope I have another chance in the future. Even though I have been training birds for any years it is great to hear new ideas or get confirmation of good techniques from you guys. Thanks for it all!