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BirdTricks Tuesday: What is it we do? WATCH!

 June 16th, 2015
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This is probably our favorite video we’ve done – mostly because we’re just sharing “us” which comes easy. We also used our nicer camera, since many of you have asked us to up the quality of our videos from our camera phones.

This video, because of its higher quality and more need for editing, took us all day long… so these will likely be few and far between based on the time consumption alone! But we had a lot of fun this week, and actually filmed all the talking pieces today for you guys and the behind the scenes clips throughout the week.
If you guys still have questions about us, please leave them in a comment so we can answer them for you! And don’t forget to request a topic in the future.
The winning comment will win any product from our online store at BirdTricksStore.
If you are the winning comment, don’t forget to email us at info@birdtricks.com to let us know which product you want mailed to you! (FYI – our pellets can only be shipped within the US but everything else can go international!)
Till next week!
Dave & Jamieleigh

Happy BirdTricks Tuesday: This Week We Talk Screaming Parrots

 June 9th, 2015
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You guys have been asking for this topic from the beginning, and so we thought we would give your OUR side of this topic. What we’ve done to avoid our birds from ever becoming screamers. Things you should be doing (or not doing!) on a daily basis with your bird.

For those of you experiencing an existing screaming problem, check out our Stop Screaming Course Flock Talk. Your ears (and neighbors) will thank you.

Next week we are bringing you a day-by-day look into what a week for us looks like out here for us. So if you have specifics you want to see or know about, let us know so we can make sure it include all the goodies!

BTT: Outdoor Freeflight Training Parrots

 June 2nd, 2015
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We get so many questions regarding outdoor freeflight parrot training, we decided to finally answer all these questions in one video – while flying our camelot macaws Comet and Tusa in Bermuda!

Why do we even risk taking our birds outside just to watch them fly?

Why don’t we offer a DVD series teaching people how to do this with their birds?

How do we train the birds to do it?

What about predators?

Have we ever lost a bird?

And much more… plus, you get to have Comet and Tusa entertain you throughout this video with their antics.

For more freeflight videos, and our documentary on freeflight training parrots, check out the Freedom of Flight and our other freeflight videos on youtube.

BTT: Your Go-To on Troubleshooting Clicker Training & Target Training Problems

 May 24th, 2015
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Told ya I wouldn’t be the screen capture this week!

This video was inspired by the loss of our best Spreecast video we had ever made, and we answered soooo many issues people were having regarding hurdles they couldn’t jump over with clicker training and target training. So here it is, to stay this time!

We answer things like:

1. What if your bird is too distracted to train?

2. What if your bird flies off when you want to train it?

3. What if your bird is afraid of the sound of the clicker?

4. What if your bird is afraid of the touch training stick?

5. What if your bird won’t take a treat?

6. And a bunch, bunch, more!

If you are having problems GETTING STARTED, this video is for you. If you’ve gotten started and just can’t seem to progress, this video is for you! If you have no idea where to begin, this video is for you!

This one is much longer than we ever want to make in the future but we wanted to make sure everything got answered.

In the future we are going to try to keep these videos to around 15 minutes… but we’ll see if we can stick to that or not 😉

Happy BirdTricks Tuesday!

BTT: How to Discipline Your Pet Parrot

 May 19th, 2015
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Pretty sure my goal next week is that Dave is the screen capture picture…

Anyway! Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This week’s Tuesday video is on the topic of the best discipline to use for your parrot(s). We got asked a ton of stuff this week about how to get your bird to not destroy this, not do that, not be mean to this, not go over there, not get into that…

So we thought we’d conquer the area of discipline for parrots.

We were pretty much kicked out of the theater this week because of a new cast install but in the future we will be able to show you examples in training our birds live – and demonstrate more of what we mean with our methods. We had intended to do so this week and just couldn’t get the theater time before upload day!

Also, my phone broke so our behind the scenes clips were few and far between because we hadn’t realized till we tried to import the footage and it was dark and fuzzy! Boo. New iPhone for me soon! 😉

Congrats to Brenda Martin! Her question was actually emailed into us (info@birdtricks.com) and was about how to safely and effectively socialize her bird with her dogs (her bird has attacked her dogs before and luckily they did nothing about it!) I couldn’t screen capture her email but I did screen capture her follow up comment on our blog – she’s the winner for being so engaged, and so aware of the danger yet ability to work through this issue with both animals. I really applaud how she had safety as her number one, but that she also wants everyone to live under the same roof confidently like many people can relate to. I thought her questions and concerns were valid and that that many people could relate to needing to work through something similar. Thanks, Brenda!

Please leave your comments below. Next week’s video is likely going to be on the topic of flight, flight training, free flight, and how to keep a flighted bird’s attention so it doesn’t fly off during training. Please post related questions to this in the comments so we can make sure to answer yours!

BirdTricks Tuesdays: How to Properly Socialize Your Parrot to Other Parrots, Other Pets & People

 May 12th, 2015
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STOP! In the name of love… just kidding. What a great screen capture for our video (laugh).

Here is our very FIRST BirdTricks Tuesday video for you! We are so excited. PLEASE, give us feedback on what you like, didn’t like, want more of, want less of and of course… keep sending in your questions to us via facebook and email (info@birdtricks.com).

Our goal with these Tuesday videos is not only to answer your questions but also to help you learn something, inspire you to try something new and positive with your parrot at home and to make you feel like you get to know us a little bit better every time, too. We love sharing our lives with you guys so any and all feedback as we try this new series is appreciated. It’s something that will continue to evolve as we go.