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BTT: What Live Parrot Training Sessions Look Like

 July 5th, 2015
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Hey Everyone,

Dave Womach here from BirdTricks.com.  You’ve all been requesting to see more live training sessions – and although we have a hard time giving you just that due to living on a freakin’ cruise ship and having a 2 year old, we’ve managed to bring you an updated sample of what we’re currently working on.

We hit a lot of roadblocks in our recent training sessions that we hear about from you all the time, and had a lot of break through moments because of that.  For example – Training multiple birds at once, transforming fear into a positive, what if my bird ______?…. additionally, we transcended beyond our roadblock with Cressi, as we tried getting her to fly through a hoop for the past year on stage.  You’ll be surprised to discover that all it took was a second perspective and a couple training sessions (see that footage in this week’s video).

Join us for our after-action-report about all the training as we share our most recent successes and failures with you.  Our biggest win last week was getting our two Camelot macaws to fly on stage with moving lights, screaming audiences, and snow falling on stage at the end of our show on board the Norwegian Dawn.

Lastly… come take a cruise with us and pick our brains for free.  Tour Details are here.

I hope you enjoy our most recent BirdTricks Tuesday video… more to come!


Parrot Does The Moonwalk

 February 5th, 2013
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I know what you’re going to think… you’re going to think this is a video trick… so I’ve left it all as just one piece of raw footage.  No hype, no music, no fancy-shmancy edits… just one talented Galah.
Then again, that’s what you get when you stick a well trained bird in a soothing 30mph breeze…

The Clicker Game

 November 5th, 2012
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The goal of the exercise I’m about to show you is to demonstrate how difficult it is for your parrot to understand what the hell you want him/her to do when training a new behavior.

At our live 2 day Total Transformation Parrot Training Seminar we decided to put two audience members up on stage and asked them to do something for Chet, but there was a twist.

We couldn’t flat out tell them what we wanted in a common verbal language.

Think about that for a second…

If you had to ask a HUMAN friend of yours to do a favor for you, and you couldn’t use the ENGLISH language, how would you do it?

Well it turns out that’s exactly what we have to do with parrots.

We can do it.  But we have to play by a different set of rules if we want to be successful.

Training becomes our language, doesn’t it?

That’s what this video is about! Please watch it and then leave a comment about any revelations you had after watching the video.

Clicker Training Humans – The Clicker Game

If you’re into stuff like this, and the more ADVANCED side of parrot training and animal psychology, you should look into our Advanced Parrot Training Seminar DVD Series.

There are a lot of things going on inside the brain and body of a parrot that need to be understood if you want to take the relationship you have with your bird to the next level, and that is what this Seminar focused on.

Epic Fail, or Spiritual Intervention?

 October 17th, 2012
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I’m no stranger to confrontation. I’ve had to dosey doe with the evil horse trainer on tour, call upper management out for not doing their jobs, and go fist to fist with the middle school bully, but when it came time to roshambo with a sweet little old lady from central Florida, I felt the need to politely give up and duck out after the seventh round, and accept failure & defeat.

Meet Cheri Delong, one of the toughest challenges
I’ve encountered as a trainer.

Cheri was the first client we took on when we started filming “One Day Miracles – Season One,” and she was also the episode titled “Big Fail.”

It wasn’t that the bird was THAT bad, Rascal was actually quite workable.  However, a common theme throughout the entire show was the owners’ realizations on camera that we weren’t there to train the birds, we were there to train the owners; a realization that despite treacherous attempts, Cheri couldn’t grasp.

Without giving away the episode too much, Jamieleigh and I tried every angle we could to try to get Cheri to understand training.

In a last ditch effort to get her to understand, Jamie even pretended to be the bird and have Cheri train her… Sadly it still fell on deaf ears, as she went back to Rascal and patronized us by taunting the bird and saying “you don’t need that do you… yeah… that’s tough… NO! Don’t bite!… yeah… you don’t… OUCH!  OUCH!  STOP THAT!  OUCH!”

At that point I realized that you can’t get through to everyone.  So I politely gave her Taming Training and Tricks, Volume 1 and left.  I realized that the ONLY chance in hell she had of getting her bird to be handleable was to go through that course step by step.  Without it, the bird would surely need to get re-homed in a few years.  Or as Jamieleigh so elegantly put it, “Well at least she’ll have to buy our abused parrot course in a few years.”

Then To Add Insult To Injury…

When we got home that night, after a long drive back and a long day of training, we had an email from Cheri.  She had told us that she already had Taming Training and Tricks, and that she would like to exchange it for Flock Talk; the DVD program we developed that you just put in and let your birds watch it as they effortlessly learn to talk by watching and listening to real birds in the wild, with talking birds dubbed in.  To add insult to injury, we had to drag all of our gear back into the house in the middle of a thunderstorm that had formed on the drive back…

This email, as you can image, didn’t get a reply.

However, it made me realize an important lesson as a parrot trainer.  Many parrot owners just want the “magic pill” to fix all of their parrot’s problems without having to put in the work.  That category of person puts all the blame on the parrot, and takes no personal responsibility for their own actions.  They fail to realize that their parrot is the way it is because of what they’ve done; intentionally or otherwise. That is at least until they compare themselves to others…

Fast Forward 6 Months To The Release Of “One Day Miracles”

We here at BirdTricks.com decided to send everyone a DVD that had their episode on it.  I begged our shipping department not to send her episode to her, because it was a massive fail.  And although I had been pretty upset because I felt like we wasted our time with Cheri and she just blew us off, I didn’t want her to be upset watching the episode… but it was too late – they had already mailed the DVD and there was no turning back now.

A few days passed and Jamie’s heart nearly stopped as she saw that Cheri DeLong had emailed our customer service department.  Her stomach dropped to the floor as if she’d just broken-free and plunged over the edge of a roller coaster and was now in a steady free fall, headed for a certain unavoidable splattery death.  Her heart started to pound again, this time thumping so hard that the birds listened and danced in the branches all the way down the block to the sound of their new private drum.

…. click… and now the email was open… she took one big gulp, and started to read.


the video arrived today.  thank you for sending us the 2 segments – we have watched it – and i have to tell you that dave surely maintains his patience with bird owners!   i acknowledge that i was a horrid scholar!!

i do have some positive feedback for dave though.  please tell him that i have been successful in utilizing the clicker in one regard.  it used to be difficult to get rascal to go back into his cage when it was time to close up for the day.  the first useful task rascal accomplished with the clicker training was to willingly get into his cage – knowing that when he touched the chop stick tip (i tapped on his perch inside his cage)  and heard the click,  a dried banana chip treat was all his!  now, he is eager to hop right onto his perch at any time.   

this simple use has made it much easier for rascal to have freedom outside of his cage at various times of the day – without wasting time trying to coax him back inside.  

also, he steps up onto my KNUCKLE  easily for transport now – he has learned that stepping up will give him a trip to his outside play stand and quite possibly a shower while he prances across the play stand perch.

thank you all for your time and efforts.  

just an aside:   we have acquired a rescue bird  – oliver – who is 15 years old – he talks on que often and realizes he too benefits when rascal uses his good manners for stepping up for transport – then they both get to go outside on the play stand.  oliver is a very aggressive bird and if ever i thought rascal ‘lundged’ at me, i can say that oliver gives new meaning to ‘lundging’.  we are making progress though as oliver is realizing he can trust us to always be kind and loving to him.


cherie delong”


After reading this email, I looked outside and saw the clouds parting as the sun started to shine through.  The thunderstorm stopped immediately and a rainbow formed that spanned the entire horizon.  Right then and there a little sparrow landed on the windowsill of my upstairs office and started to sing.  I even heard angels harmonizing in the background… then God came down and whispered into my ear, “It has been a One Day Miracle…”

I blinked twice, looked outside and realized that although the email was real, it was still raining outside… but that didn’t matter.  Cheri realized her mistakes, taken ownership, and proved that my time wasn’t wasted, and that Rascal will be able to live a long, happy, fulfilled life.

>>>A Personal Note To Cheri:

Dear Cheri,

While I was frustrated during the day we spent with you, in the end you figured out the mistakes you were making, and stopped blaming your bird.  And for that I want to offer you my most sincere CONGRATULATIONS.

Admitting that it is US that are creating our birds’ problems; and that WE are the ones that ultimately have to make the changes of how we interact with our birds if we want to improve our relationship with our feathered little guys is something that not very many people ever do.

Even people who read this blog will still say to themselves after reading this very post, “Yeah, but they don’t know my bird”. And you know what? They’ll never be able to make progress until they change that mindset.

Keep up the good work Cheri!


Dave Womach

So How Will Your Bird’s Story End?

Sadly, for most people reading this post it won’t end well.

The only stories that end differently are from people who seek out training that can fix their problems.

I’m a bit biased, but I don’t know how you can get better training then by watching us go into 12 different parrot owners homes and fix their problems before you’re very eyes.

All you have to do is follow along as we teach each owner a set of powerful training techniques to use in different situations, for different behavior problems.

If that makes sense to you, that the best way to learn is by watching someone solve a problem just like yours on camera then pick up a copy of our One Day Miracle parrot training DVD series today.

You can use this link:

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

One Day Miracles Reviews

 September 28th, 2012
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This is such awesome news, we had to share…

One day miracles are already happening and we couldn’t be more excited.  That’s right, we’re ALREADY getting success stories from people who got their One Day Miracles package in the mail earlier this week.

But I’ll let them tell their stories in their own words below:

Success Story #1 – Laura Rennie & Flock

‘I Realized That I Needed To Let
My Umbrella Cockatoo FAIL!’

One Day Miracles is an entertaining series that I could really relate to.

It features average families and birds and while watching each episode I was able to identify similar problems in members of my own flock of 6, and what I really liked was that I was able to go back and watch key segments again.

For me, my own personal “Ah-Ha!” moment came whilst watching Episode 9 with Michele & Gandalf.

I have a rescue Umbrella Cockatoo called Dylan who has only this year regrown his previously chewed off flight feathers and had started to fly after being with me for a year and a half.

I could get him to fly from one T-bar stand to another on cue, but I was having problems getting him to fly to my hand. I realised that I was being too patient with him and not letting him “fail”.

I wasn’t backing off and letting him figure out he wasn’t doing what I wanted. I was standing there with my hand out, patiently waiting for him to fly onto me for ten minutes at a time, and I was also talking too much to reinforce him whilst he was stationary on the stand, the exact same way as Michele was.

I was thrilled with how quickly we progressed after I identified where I was going wrong and we are now working on his recall on a daily basis.

This series clearly explains how easy it is to build a trusting relationship with your bird and begin successful training by giving you the inside secrets. Dave and Jamie break own the techniques and help you to understand how to do things you would never have discovered on your own.

They help you identify your errors, correct them, and move forward smoothly and quickly.

There’s a really personal feel to this series and there’s something here for everyone at every level in this series and I’m sure every parent out there will be able to relate to the problems the birds shown here are experiencing.

One Day Miracles is, in my opinion the ESSENTIAL DVD series for parrot owners.

Thank you BirdTricks.com, for enhancing my skills and confidence as an owner, and for helping me enrich the lives of my birds.

Laura Rennie & Flock.
Glasgow, Scotland.
(BirdTricks follower since 2008.)

Success Story #2 – Samina Ansari

‘I Trained My Bird To Spin In 10 Minutes!’

What a rollercoaster of emotions!

The One Day Miracles series does not pull any punches. If people need to be trained before the birds can be helped, then this is what happens, but appropriately and respectfully.

It was enlightening to see the difference between birds who had been formerly introduced to the methods employed by Dave and Jamie. If the birds were already clicker conditioned and target trained, the session could move ahead smoothly and easily. If the BirdTricks.com DVDs had been left on the shelf, the session was more basic.

After I watched The Picky Eater, episode 5, with Tiki learning the spin, I was able to teach my Kiki the trick in ten minutes as Jamie had graciously shared her mistake in training Tiki.

This was very illuminating for me, I was able to learn from her mistake, think the trick through and what I actually wanted Kiki to do before I started. The trick was then easy to teach.

The fact that she has been target trained also helped with the learning.  She’s a happy, twirly bird now!

My favourite episode was ‘Fly To Me’, probably because that is the next thing we are going to learn.

Kiki flies to me, but I would like to formalise it. The stable step up was well explained and understandable, and allowing the bird to fail was shown as a positive, not a negative. I now know what to do to teach Kiki.

The series was very enjoyable to watch, and very informative. You make a great team and I hope all who participated and all who watch will learn to implement what is taught. I can see this being a very useful resource for anyone who wants a stronger, more trusting, and happier relationship with their bird.

Thank you!!!

Samina Ansari

Success Story #3 – Joel Oliva

‘My Parrot Is More
Motivated To Train With Me!’

Watching One Day Miracles, I really learned to tune in to my parrot’s body language.

I have a tendency to get excited during training sessions and when my parrot begins to learn a new trick, I would be motivated to move forward with training until my parrot gets the trick down 100%.

I would push with training too far rather than listening to my parrots body language and stop when my parrot chooses to stop with training. Too long of a training session can set your parrot back, so lesson learned.

After watching One Day Miracles, I shortened the training sessions, taking cues from my bird’s body language and I immediately noticed her motivation change dramatically.

She’s happier to train with me and she seems like she looked forward to training sessions.

Overall, this DVD series was VERY informative and full of learning materials which you can incorporate into your own training sessions.  This DVD set does not “train your bird”, but it teaches YOU to become a more knowledgeable trainer in order for you to bring out the best in your parrot as well as having a great relationship and bond.

I highly recommend it!

Joel Oliva

Success Story #4 – Carley Siedlecki

‘After Only A Few Days, My Birds Are Happier
And We’re All Feeling More Confident!’

One thing that I love about the One Day Miracles DVDs is that us bird lovers get to see the Womach family’s bird training methods in action. It is visual proof that the suggestions they’ve been telling their fans for years work… even within 24 hours!

Also, every episode/story is so inspiring because we all want to have a better connection with our feathered children. The birds are just as eager as the humans to have a good relationship with each other.

It is easy to connect with these families and sympathize because we all have similar issues with our birds on some level, whether it is biting issues, screaming or relationship issues.

I have always been a bit smug about my relatively well-behaved Congo African Grey, Toki, and my Sun Conure, Luna.  Both are approximately a year old and are absolute cuddle bugs.

But there are so many things that I should be doing with them; for example, I now see how important training is, and how a healthy diet can make a huge difference.

My favorite piece of advice from the program was “Every interaction is a training session.”

So for now, we are working on some serious touch training, and after only a few days, I’ve seen how happy we all seem to be. They are feeling confident, I feel confident with them, and we are able to communicate what we want and need from each other.

My favorite episode is Episode 4, “Raising Your Baby Right,” because you can see how eager Bradley and Brian, and their blue and gold macaw, Riley, are to play and live harmoniously.

And I also absolutely loved Episode 8 with Bruce and Chris and their Grey (plus, their Goffin and Cockatiel) because you can just see the love pouring from this bird and his owners. Jamie and Dave really seemed to help them communicate and become closer companions.

One Day Miracles is an incredible course because there is so much to learn from it, and it shows people from all different walks of life having a similar connection – a love for their parrots!

It makes a bird person like me feel all fuzzy inside. I want to squeeze and hug and love on my feathered children, and see them grow and flourish with me.

Thanks BirdTricks!

Carley Siedlecki

Ready To Experience
A One Day Miracle Of Your Own?

Get The DVD series now!

(And we’d love to hear your story, too!!! Email it to info@birdtricks.com)

Can Parrots Talk on Cue? A Great Example!

 June 24th, 2012
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More than likely at this point, you are well aware that parrots can talk, but many people don’t realize how easy it is to get your parrot to talk on cue (even if they only know a few words like our Cockatoo does).

Now, you don’t have to train them to be in a show, but imagine the fun you can have showing him off to your friends and family if your parrot can talk like this!

This footage was taken from our parrot training show, ParrotFX.  Bandit currently says just a handful of words in the show, and we’re expanding it every couple weeks.  It started with just a few words, and by the end of our season should have about a half dozen words on cue.  (Can you tell the next word we’re putting on cue is night-night?)

Can Your Parrot Talk Like This?  Want Him To?

If teaching your parrot to talk on cue like this sounds fun, it’s something we show you exactly how to do inside this program:






Teaching Your Parrot To Talk Training Program