Amazon Parrot Flight Training Success

Amazon Parrot Flight Training Success

 April 28th, 2009
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Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Because of Storm’s growing interest in flying, and seeing how much FUN he is having with it, we decided to change things up even more…

Since Storm’s only out of cage time is given via Dave (he now gets excited to see Dave because it means he gets to come out!) we decided to give flight training him a try! Pairing something he really enjoys doing (flying) with someone he doesn’t like (Dave, or just men in general) while giving him a task (flying, landing, speed and accuracy) all combined gives Storm a real purpose and task at hand.

He is so focused on his take off, speed, landing, and everything else that goes into the ability to fly well that he doesn’t bother wasting any precious energy on attacking or biting Dave… otherwise he doesn’t get to fly! And what fun is that? We finally found a real reinforcer that is stronger than anything else for Storm – and that is flight, something he has never had in the past.

In just 4 days of flight training every day, Storm is now ascending which takes muscle to do. His distance has gone from merely a jump, to a few feet, to now the length of our bird room! Our bird room is around 20 feet which is what distance Storm is currently flying at.

You can see Storm’s flying skills in the video below:

Tip to take home: Flight training can DRASTICALLY change the overall mood and demeanor of your bird for the better by getting out excess energy he can’t get out by climbing around his cage or playing with toys. Birds were structured around flight, and they need it for proper excercise to FEEL GOOD.

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